On Becoming an RCO and Sponsorship by CARES Consulting Inc

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The RCO Process

In order to become an RCO and start business in Minnesota, an organization is first required to achieve 501(c)3 status with the IRS and the State of Minnesota.

Once established as an official 501(c)3, the organization then applies for RCO status through one of several channels.

Upon receiving approval, the organization is then eligible to apply to the Minnesota medical assistance programs as a provider.

Relationship with CARES Consulting Inc

During the waiting time, Freedom Force is enjoying sponsorship and business organization from CARES Consulting Inc. Through our partnership, CARES will be organizing all administrative tasks, providing billing services, and presenting financial records for review.

Our Board of Directors is actively engaged in overseeing these activities while also continuing to develop other areas of our organization.

First Fundraiser Underway

Our first fundraiser begins Saturday, May 18, 2024!

Administered by CARES, the goal is $5,000. Donations will be used for initial costs incurred for CPRS staff background checks, onboarding and training of staff, license and permit fees, client intake packets, and printing of Pathwaze.

We plan to onboard six staff members and 8-12 clients per staff member when we have the green light. We believe our goals are very attainable. Many people serving as CPRS have been doing so for long periods of time as an act of service. Undergoing the certification process, formalizing their work, and providing an income for it is important to us. A CPRS is asked to do difficult things every day, and part of our mission as an organization is to create a space for professional support and self-care for our team as well as important work for clients.

We’d love for you to partner with us! We depend on community support and plan to support the community in return!

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