Freedom Force: The Name. The Logo. The Colors.

The Name

Freedom Force.

There’s power and force in a team. And it takes a team to create freedom, to find it. That’s especially true when Substance Use Disorder is part of the equation.

AA has long been a proponent of community and how important it is to the recovering person to be in community. That 12-step model has worked for so many people, and continues to work for people. In fact, attending meetings together is part of the services provided by a CPRS.

Freedom Force.

It’s the perfect name for a team of the sort we have here.

The Logo

People! It’s all about people.

We built bold letters. FREEDOM. Let that word sit for a minute!

We made “force” smaller. We don’t want to smack anyone in the face with that word; we do want to be a “force” for change, though.

We surrounded the words with soft waves of color.

On the waves of color, we added people. Lots and lots of people.

Using the black silhouettes is important too. We are wholly interested in including all people, all colors, all sizes, all backgrounds, all statuses. All are welcome here.

The Colors

And when we were developing our colors, we kept coming back to orange.

It’s such a happy color!

Then we looked up what colors meant and found this color wheel.

Not only is orange a happy color, it also signifies freedom!

So, orange it is!

Welcome, friends.

Welcome to Freedom Force!

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