Pathways to Recovery

The Freedom Force Mission

Our Certified Peer Recovery Specialists have lived experience with Substance Use Disorder. CPRS staff collaborate closely with clients to develop individualized sober living strategies, drawing from their own journeys to help guide and support others along the pathways to recovery.

Our CPRS staff bring empathy, understanding, and a wealth of experience to every client interaction, ensuring compassionate support and guidance.

Empowering Recovery Through

Our Unique Approach to Recovery


Empathetic Guidance

Our CPRS staff are servant leaders whose understanding stems from lived experience; we’ve “been there.” We don’t know it all but we know enough.


Customized Strategies

Using Freedom Force’s Pathwaze, we build a customized plan for each client based on needs and goals specific to that client.


Tools for Transformation

By way of relationship building and the Pathwaze template, each peer to client team creates a unique recovery toolkit designed for success.

The First Step

Together, we can make a difference.

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