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Our Core Values

Why Choose Freedom Force?


Empathy First

First, we listen to understand. Understanding what’s being said is the foundation to the work CPRS staff and clients do together for the duration of their relationship. We care!


Personalized Support

The CPRS and client team develop targeted goals specific to the client’s vision for his or her future life. The CPRS collaborates and supports, but does not direct or dismiss.


Focus on Empowerment

Rather than fostering dependence,
the CPRS staff focuses on empowering the client by opening doors to a variety of resources built by working with others along the way.

Our Story

The Freedom Force Mission

Founded by individuals dedicated to helping others, our nonprofit thrives because of the transformative power of recovery. Those of us who choose to work as CPRS staff want to share what we have learned: “Recovery is worth it if you work it, ‘cuz you’re worth it!”

Our Services

Recovery Solutions Created to Empower

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One-on-one certified and trained support for each client. Every client has a different starting point, but the destination is similar: safe, supported, secure, satisfying, and abundant life.


Free workbook, Pathwaze, assists in developing each client’s plan and keeps that plan accessible. The plan will continue to develop as growth occurs, and becomes a testimony and record of each person’s journey.

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Our array of options for meeting, whether in-person or virtually, at home or in the office, mean we literally meet you where you’re at for the duration of our working relationship.

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From day one, our work exists to aid access to programming and other resources available to each client as a tool in their journey to increase recovery capital.

Client Stories

What Our Clients Say

Empowering Recovery Through

Our Unique Approach to Recovery

Experience the difference of being empowered and supported on your journey to a life free from addiction.

Empathy First
Personalized Support
Focus on Empowerment

The First Step

Together, we can make a difference.

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