supporting beyond the circle of recovery

1:1 Support

Our Certified Peer Recovery Specialist staff provide tailored support to develop customized strategies based on the needs of each individual client. Some clients need legal help while others need help rebuilding relationships. Many need housing support. Everyone needs to build community. CPRS staff guide clients, but are also served by clients!

This one-to-one peer to peer support goes beyond the treatment room and the sober living house. This kind of support is a real engagement in real life situations and events.

learning that fosters independent living

Unique Pathwaze Workbook

Our Freedom Force workbook, Pathwaze, is a tool available directly to clients. Developed originally to support the CPRS staff, it has become a valuable tool for clients. There is space for developing a vision for the future, creating goals to support that vision, and then action steps/tactics to achieve the vision. And there’s so much more in Pathwaze, including space to focus on building skills and knowledge useful for navigating the challenges of transitioning away from fully supported treatment and sober housing to independent, healthy living.

meeting people where and when it works

In-Person and Virtual Support

Available right here on our website and continuing once a client is onboarded, we offer virtual support in addition to our in-person support.

We also know it’s not always realistic to meet in-person. So, we use technology to offer our clients direct access to scheduling time with their CPRS or another on-call CPRS if necessary.

Ready to begin services? Start a live chat or click the “Start Healing Today” button.

accessing all the things in all the places all the time

Recovery Resources

We find resources! We do not publish very many resources online because the points of access change so fast. We listen to one another and we are constantly looking for reliable places offering a variety of services and products. If we don’t know, we ask!

We also love to collect information from people with things to offer!

The First Step

Together, we can make a difference.

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